Community Activities Bryn Gweled members participate in a wealth of recreational, social, and educational activities, both planned and spontaneous.
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Bryn Gweled and the world Bryn Gweled residents do not close themselves off from the wider world. Some of our immediate neighbors participate in Bryn Gweled activities, and it is common to see walkers and joggers from the surrounding community on Bryn Gweled roads. Bryn Gweled members are active in local government, and have served on the Upper Southampton Township Board of Supervisors, Water and Sewer Authority, Planning Commission, Environmental Advisory Council, the Centennial District School Board, and have coached many local youth sports teams.
Community events range from covered dish suppers and concerts to special holiday festivities. The Community Activities Committee coordinates many of the activities for the community as a whole, including an occasional coffee house. The Children’s Activities Committee organizes trips and special events, arts, crafts, and educational and recreational pastimes for Bryn Gweled children. From time to time committees or small groups of Bryn Gweleders embark on special projects such as a community garden or a project to reestablish native plants and stabilize a stream in a wetland area. Many members come together on an informal basis to share common interests, such as aerobics, astronomy, a book club, tai chi, or a regular woods walk to study plants and animals. Bryn Gweled’s physical facilities are the setting for many recreational and social activities. The swimming pool and garden are seasonal centers of activity. The tennis courts are used whenever weather permits, not just in the summer months. The soccer field hosts spontaneous scrimmages, and groups play volleyball regularly. The skating pond witnesses graceful figure eights and vigorous games of hockey. On snowy days cross-country skiers can be seen along Bryn Gweled’s woodland trails.
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