Community business is conducted at the membership meeting usually held on the first Saturday evening of each month. Although some meetings are brief, some concerns engender strong feelings pro and con, so that several meetings may be needed to reconcile opposing viewpoints. The community believes this time is well spent in developing satisfactory solutions through the democratic process. The Board of Directors, President, Vice President, and the Housing, Membership, and Nominating committees are elected by the membership. The Board of Directors appoints the Treasurer, Secretary, Auditor, and Corresponding Secretary. Everyone is expected to serve on at least two committees yearly, and members are encouraged to take part in various elected, appointed, and voluntary committees over the years. The list of volunteer committees is long and provides some insight into the working of the Homesteads: Assessment and Budget, Bright Gems (community newsletter), Children’s Activities, Community Activities, Community Center Maintenance, Community Planning, Environmental Stewardship, Garden, Grapevine (phone and Internet network), Grounds and Planting, Health and Welfare, Martin Luther King, Property and Utilities, Public Relations, Road, Safety and Security, Septic, Sports, Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool Water Quality, and Tractor. This website, for example, is a product of the Public Relations Committee. “Work parties” are held each month so that Bryn Gweled can operate econom- ically. Much labor is done by each family volunteering at least a half day per month. Many needed and interesting projects are undertaken: road maintenance, mowing, improving the community center, clearing paths and roadsides, landscaping and the preservation of the land, and maintenance of all community structures, equipment, and improvements. An added bonus to work parties is the enjoyment of shared accomplishments and working together.
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Bryn Gweled is a cooperative not-for-profit corporation owned by its members. There are no paid officers, managers, bookkeepers, or maintenance persons. These functions are performed voluntarily by members.
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