To acquaint applicants for membership with how Bryn Gweled functions, candidates for membership start by attending a monthly meeting. This provides a chance to see business conducted and an opportunity to meet and chat with members of the community. The applicants are then visited by the Membership Committee. Applicants’ responses to a Bryn Gweled questionnaire regarding their views on community living are read at a closed membership meeting. Because commitment to a cooperative mode of life and the sharing of ideas are vital to the success of the Homesteads, visits are arranged to give all resident Bryn Gweled members an opportunity to meet with each applicant so that all may gain in-depth answers to any remaining questions. At the completion of these visits, the applicant’s questionnaire and reference letters are read at another closed meeting. A financial statement must be submitted by the applicants to determine their ability to maintain a home in the community. Held in strict confidence, the financial statement is reviewed by the President, the Treasurer, and Chair of the Membership Committee, after which it is destroyed. Admission is decided by a written ballot. A four-fifths affirmative vote from the membership indicates approval of the applicant(s). Approved Applicants are then eligible for a leasehold and full membership in the Homesteads. Membership in Bryn Gweled entails being a leaseholder of a Bryn Gweled lot. When members resign, they must relinquish their leaseholds.
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Membership Procedure The first step to life at Bryn Gweled is beginning membership. It is a process during which you'll get to know us and we'll get to know you. We are neither a utopian community nor a perfectly homogeneous group. We are an intentional community of diverse individuals who respect our differences, work together for common benefits, and enjoy good times together.
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